Woods Bay Homeowners Association, Inc.

Spring  2017

Hello to all and WELCOME to all new homeowners in Woods Bay!  We are happy to see winter leave and warmth come back for the summer season.  There are a number of visible signs of maintenance and improvements in our homesites.  To list a few of the obvious steps homeowners are taking to improve their homes & land:  structural improvements, tree & shrub trimming, weed management & positive plant growth, and removal of unused vehicles & waste materials.  The efforts being made are noticed and are appreciated and benefiting all!
Spring is a good time of year to think about cleaning up potential fire hazards around your property.  John Ingebretson, forester from the Swan Valley Connections provided us with the following suggestions:
• In a wildfire, most structures are lost due the ignition of light debris, such as needles and leaves collecting on roof valleys, or along gutter and under decks, where wind-driven embers easily ignite them clean these areas up in the spring and throughout the summer.
• Thin existing healthy trees….remove unhealthy and/dead trees and branches.  Thinning should be accompanied by cleaning up the slash.
• Safe access to your property for the arrival of firefighters and departure for you and your neighbors is critical.

AUGUST 14, 2017 ~ 7 pm @ Lake access

Thirty days prior to that date you will receive a copy of the profit and loss statement for 2016, a notice of the date annual meeting along with a proxy for voting reasons.  According to our Bylaws we must have quorum of 10% of the owners in person or by proxy to hold the annual meeting.  You are welcome to bring an Appetizer to share & Beverage of your choice 
(Water provided) Bring a chair! ~ HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE
• COMBINATION LOCKS  (Note! Roll the numbers AFTER replacing the shackle into the lock, otherwise you will need to select the code again for the lock to accept the shackle)
• Please place parking permits on the review mirror or dash in view site.  
• Common Area Rules are posted at the lake access 
• Landlords, please inform tenants of our Rules & Regulations & Common Area Rules 
• For your convenience there is a porta-toilet and a doggie-pot on the property, please place fish-waste and dog refuse in the doggie-pot; all other garbage in the trash containers
LAKE ACCESS AGENDA ITEMS (over the next year)
• Picnic tables - strip & reseal
• Remove two hazardous ground level fire pits
• Explore options to add a gazebo and storage area
Please use caution on the boat ramp and docks. 
Have a safe & happy summer!
Denise Hamilton-Chair/Tres., Mary Quinn-Vice Chair, Lori Henes-Sec., Ed Zyniecki and Charlie Edwards-Directors
Woods Bay Homeowners website: www.woodsbayhoa.com
• Rules and Regulations
• Covenants
• Map of home sites & streets
• Miscellaneous pertinent information 
• Email to the board 
Please send all concerns, questions, or formal complaints to the board in writing.   Email:  wbhoa2016@gmail.com   
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